Champ Show




Judge: Mr Robert Hill (Olton)

Best In Show
Armadale’s Son Of A Gun at Maxula (Imp Nld)
Photo ©Kirsten Fox

Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex
Hillsted Sweet Mystery Sh CM
Photo ©Kirsten Fox

Best Puppy In Show
The Dashing Devil’s Popcorn at Gilbri
Photo ©Kirsten Fox

Best Veteran In Show
Ch Tomlyndon Spoilt Rotten
Photo ©Kirsten Fox

Top Winners
Photo ©Kirsten Fox

Sp Beg Dog : (0)

Minor Puppy Dog (4,1a)
1st: Minett’s Duskhunter Ruff Diamond D, 10.12.16, Br Exh, Ch Brychdyn Diamond Geezer – Matheron For’n Affair with Duskhunter
2nd: Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Paco Rooban D, 08.01.2017, Br Exh, Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest – Lizandycris Thistle Dew
3rd: Milner’s Juanne Rufus The Ruffian D, 25.11.2016, Br Exh, Ch Tomlyndon Spoilt Rotten – Juanne Latin Lindi Louise

Puppy Dog: (1)
1st: Milner’s Juanne Rufus The Ruffian

Junior Dog (2)
1st: Britten’s Krisma Jump Start D, 31.03.2016, Br Exh, Ch Brychdyn Diamond Geezer – Krisma Handbags at Dawn
2nd: Bartley’s Atelib The General D 16.05.16, Br Exh, Int Ch Hopecharm Star Ship Trouper – Pelham Lady of Heathbridge

Novice Dog (0)

Tyro Dog (1)
1st: Thomson’s Ashgate Ayton, D, 22.11.15, Br Exh Hillcloud Jupiter – Dylandougie Ayr to Ashgate

Post Graduate Dog (4)
1st: Squire’s The Dashing Devil’s Macho Man TAF, D, 01.08.13, Br Vd Veen Smit, Multi Ch Bellevue Town DJ – Nice Looking at Superbia
2nd: Dale’s Lynnsto Special Agent, D, 14.02.16, Br Exh, Multi Int Ch Something Special Superbia Lynnsto – Multi Int Ch Lynnsto Platinum
3rd: McLoughlin’s Ley Hey Local Laddie D, 30.01.15, Br Exh, Inverglen Lowe ‘n Behold – Llovall Look Here Ley Hey
4th: Bradbury’s Gelmoore Midwinter Magic At Fourastay, D, 06.12.13, Br Geldart, Gelmoore Troubador – Gelmoore Jubilee Dancer

Limit Dog : (5,1a)
1st: Purchon’s Lindenka I’m Dexter, D, 28.11.14, Br Exh, Lindenka Donovan – Starstruct at Lindenka
2nd: Thomson’s Fernsunrise Fairplay To Ashgate, D, 11.02.15, Br Woodward, Ch Can Ch Windacre Ready to Rhumble – Standeridge Star Spangled with Fernsunrise
3rd: Bartley’s Atelib Playing The Star, D, 16.07.13 Br Exh, Ch Int Ch Karamynd Play the Game JW – Pelham Lady of Heathbridge
4th: Windram’s Leonardo Ventura, D, 29.05.11, Br Exh, Rozamie Passion for Fasion – Cochansa Dales Pride

Open Dog (6,2a)
1st: Noyce’s Armadale’s Son Of A Gun At Maxula (Imp Nld), D, 22.03.14, Br Blankestijn, Multi Ch Karamynd Guns with Roses - Armadale’s Ever So Clever
2nd: Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Line Me Up, D, 12.06.13 Br Exh, Ch Walk the Line Von Deipenbrook to Krisma – Ch Lizandycris Ain’t She Grand
3rd: Foster’s Hillsted Masquerade At Thozow JW Sh CM, D, 03.11.14, Br Fox, Havasu Hey Dude at Swifdon – Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted
4th: Ch Lillmill Nosey Parker, D, 29.09.13, Br Exh, Ch Bellevue Going Dutch with Pryorvale – Lilmill Pocket Rocket

Veteran Dog or Bitch (6,2a)
1st: West’s Ch Tomlyndon Spoilt Rotten, D, 16.01.10, Br Exh, Ch/Int/Nordic/DK Spoilt Brat Due Moulin De Macgregor – Ch/Int Ch Tomlyndon Look of Love
2nd: Roche’s Lindenka Kaylah at Sanjoc, B, 20.04.08, Br Purchon, Dual Ch Lindenka Delta JW – Lindenka Toffee Pudding
3rd: Windram’s Cochansa Dales Pride, B, 18.09.08, Br Coles Juanne Jaunty Jack Tar of Rozamie - Cochansa Vanilla Flurry
4th: Stock’s Lindenka Baxter, D, 07.01.07, Br Purchon, Ch Lindenka Brannigan JW – Lindenka Toffee Pudding

Sp Beg Bitch (1)
1st: Shorrock’s Hopecharm Queen Bea TAF, B, 21.01.17, Br Fryer, Ch Int Multi Ch Hopecharm Prince Harry – Hopecharm Flower Power

Minor Puppy Bitch (8)
1st: Gaydon’s The Dashing Devil’s Popcorn at Gilbri,B, 10.12.16, Br VdVeen, Ch Bellevue Town JD – The Dashing Devil’s Too Hot to Handle
2nd: Storey’s Lizandycris Dior for Nossimp, B, Br Carlin & Gillott, Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest – Lizandycris Thistle Dew
3rd: West’s Make My Day Du Moulin De MacGregor at Tomlyndon (Imp Fr), B, Br O’Connor, Alborada Poleo – Incy Wincy Spider Du Moulin Macgregor
4th: Lilley & Milling’s Lilmill Rise and Shine, B, 30.11.16, Br Exh, Ch Brychdyn Diamond Geezer – Lilmill Bubble and Squeak
5th: Berry’s Ashgate Naughty But Nice, B, 14.01.17, Br Exh, Ch Karamynd Playa the Game – Fernlair Shadow of Doubt with Ashgate

Puppy Bitch (3)
1st: Dale’s Lynnsto Ryme & Reason, B, 26.11.16, Br Exh, Lynnsto Judgement Day – Lynnsto Grace & Favour
2nd: Sweetzer’s Pryorvale Christmas Rose, B, 26.10.16, Br MacBean, Duskhunter For’n Connexion - Pryorvale Summer Breeze
3rd: Morton’s Silent Miss Chief, B, 05.10.16, Br Exh, Charosmack Codron Flight One – Ch Swifdon Stormy Days

Junior Bitch (5,1a)
1st: Griffiths Karamynd May Queen, B, 25.05.16, Br Exh, Ch Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game JW – Karamynd Carnival Queen
2nd: Foster’s Thozow Edelwiess, B, 04.02.16 Br Exh, Nillsted Masquerade at Thozow JW Sh CM – Thozow Forget Me Not JW
3rd: Noyce’s Forever Friends De New Gryffindor at Maxula (Imp Esp), B, 29.05.16, Br Pinto & Krysak, Multi Ch Krystof Sunshine Celebration – Multi Ch Hormiga Atomica of New Gryffindor
4th Bartley’s Atelib Lady Aurelia, B, 22.05.16 Br Exh, Ch Lamsmore Fitzwritin – Atelib Moon Aura

Novice Bitch (2)
1st: West’s Match Macy’s Pride at Tomlyndon (Imp Swe), B, 24.01.16, Br Birbeg, Swe Ch Rieskant’s Glamrocker – Match Maid Marion
2nd: Cotton’s Woo Woo Schnapps, B, 04.06.16, Br Crabtree, Ch Ashgate Us Apollo – Apricot Amaretti

Tyro Bitch (1)
1st: Windram’s Carlola Showgirl, B, 29.05.11, Br Exh, Rozamie Passion for Fashion – Cochansa Dales Pride

Post Graduate Bitch (9,1a)
1st: Dale’s Lynnsto Evelyn All, B, 14.02.16, Br Exh, Lynnsto Judgement Day – Lynnsto Issa Star
2nd: Ash’s Hillcloud Ocean, B, 11.10.15, Br Exh, Hillcloud Jupiter – Hillcloud Antartic Floe
3rd: Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Maggie May, B, 06.12.15 Br Exh, Ch Walk The Line Von Diepenbrook to Krisma – Lizandycris Ready to Rock
4th: Bradbury’s Lizandycris Misschieves at Fourastay, B, 06.12.15, Br Carlin & Gillott, Ch Walk The Line Von Diepenbrook to Krisma – Lizandycris Ready to Rock
5th: Harper’s Flirty Gertie, B, 23.04.15, Br Exh, The Dashing Devil’s Streetfighter – Westigo Sheeza Delight

Limit Bitch (7,2a)
1st: Purchon’s Lindenka Apple Krumble, B, 28.11.14, Br Exh, Lindenka Donovan – Starstruck at Lindenka
2nd: Davison’s Braxquin Forget Me Not, B, 10.08.13 Br Exh, Vito Corleone De New Gryffindor (Imp Esp) – Lynnsto That’ll Do Nicely at Braxquin
3rd: Minett’s Matheron Connex Again with Duskhunter, B, 24.01.14, Br Shaw, Duskhunter For’n Connexion – Matheron with Attitude
4th: Fryer’s Hopecharm Christmas Rose, B, 07.12.15, Br Exh, Hopecharm Prince Harry – Hopecharm Oops A Daisy
5th: McLoughlin’s Llovall Look Here Ley Hey, B, 09.12.11, Br Kabel & Bouwhuis, Ch Pepabby Prank – Llovall And All That

Open Bitch (4,1a)
1st: Fox’s Hillsted Sweet Mystery Sh CM, B, 03.11.14 Br Exh, Ir Ch Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon – Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted
2nd: Squire’s Ch The Dashing Devil’s La Diva, B, 17.07.13 Br VdVeen-Smit Surprise Westie Firecracker – Dashing Devils Dutch Diva
3rd: Foster’s Thozow Forget Me Not Sh CM,B, Br Exh, Ch Something Special Superbia Lynnsto – Thozow Sweet Pea

Brace (1)
1st McLoughlin