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 Do's and Dont's

Few do’s and dont's to be considered when buying a puppy.

Do read widely. The following books are suggested: -

The West Highland White Terrier by Roger Wright (Crowood Press ISBN 1 85223 6671)

The Pet Owners Guide by Sheila Cleland (Ringpress ISBN 86054 0155)

The West Highland White Terrier by Barbara Hands (Allen Photographic Guides ISBN 0 85131 774X)

Westies Today by Derek Tattersall (Ringpress ISBN 0 948955 42 2)

West Highland White Terrier, An Owner’s guide by Robert Killick (ISBN 0-00-412798-6)

Do see the bitch with the puppies.

Do ask about the registration of the puppy with the Kennel Club

Do ask about worming.

Do ask about the feeding programme the puppy has been following and is likely to follow.

Do ask if there are any Terms and Conditions of Sale. Any Endorsements should be on the registration document at the time of Sale. Any conditions of sale should be agreed between the breeder and purchaser in writing before the sale.

Do ask about housetraining.

Do ask if the breeder is a member of any of the recognised West Highland White Terrier Clubs.

Do remember that your dog will need regular grooming and will need trimming about 4 times a year.

Don’t be too keen to see the puppy, most breeders will not allow you to visit until the puppy is about 5 weeks old.

Don’t take your children along unless you are absolutely sure you are interested in buying. If you want to bring your children ask the breeder first, sometimes it is best to wait until a second visit.

Don’t be keen to go to the nearest breeder. Sometimes you may be lucky to find a well bred puppy in your area, but often you will have to travel some distance.

Don’t buy a puppy if you are out all day. The puppy needs regular feeds and needs to bond with you, the new owner. Someone else going in to feed the puppy is not a solution. Your puppy will be lonely, bored and destructive without your company.

Remember that the breeder of the puppy is going to be very inquisitive about you. The more questions they ask the better since the breeders care about their puppies and want to make sure that they go suitable homes.

Some breeders may wish to visit your home to see where the puppy is going.

People often ask if Westies are good with children. The answer is YES, but you may be asked if your children are good with animals, do they know how to treat them. REMEMBER they are not toys and when they need to rest they should be allowed to do so. You may find that some breeders will not sell their puppies to families with very young children but will happily sell a puppy to families with children of school age.

Remember the puppy is going to be playful and in so being is likely to be naughty. If it is destructive then it could be because it is bored and like a child when it is bored finds things to do and what they do might not always be acceptable.

Puppies should not be allowed to jump on furniture or climb stairs when they are small as this could damage their limbs.

When grooming a puppy do it on a table and not on the floor since the puppy may think you are playing with it. The puppy will have to stand on a table when visiting the Vet and also when it goes to be trimmed and it is best if it is used to being handled on a table.

Make sure that you get you puppy used to having his teeth looked at and when you hold him, massage his feet so he will get used to you touching them, then cutting his nails will not be a problem

Do not feed salty food like bacon pork and ham. Chocolate and sweet biscuits are bad for him too.

Remember a puppy grows up and it needs change. It will from time to time have to visit the Vet. It relies on you and when it gets old it will rely on you even more. You should not buy a puppy just to part with it when its puppy appeal disappears.