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Southern West Highland White Terrier Club Seminar


The Club held a Breed Seminar with Assessment in Judging Competence on Saturday 22nd June 2013 at our Open Show venue, Holyport War Memorial Hall.  The planning of the Seminar began quite a few months in advance and our main objective was to run the Seminar in accordance with the KC Code of Best Practice.  The Assessors on the day were Dot Britten, Jennie Griffiths and Sheila Jenkins all of whom award CC’s in our Breed and who were willing to pass on their expertise to the 11 candidates attending.

The morning began with a talk by Dot Britten on the history of the breed and a detailed explanation of the breed standard ably assisted by Wolfie who was a patient model.  After a short coffee break the candidates where given the chance to “go over” Wolfie and also Lilly, both of whom proved to be excellent representatives of our breed.

Following lunch, prepared and served by members of the Committee, the Assessments took place under “show” conditions and candidates were required to examine each of the five dogs then place them in order of preference followed by a written explanation of why the dogs were placed in that order. 

After completion of the Assessments, each candidate handed in their critiques and was asked to complete a feedback questionnaire with suggestions as to how the day might be improved for the future.  I am pleased to say in general the candidates enjoyed their day and gave us good feedback and we will take on board the comments and suggestions.

The Club would like to thank particularly, Dot, Jennie and Sheila for giving up their time and also those members who allowed us to “borrow” their dogs for the day. 

Southern West Highland White Terrier Club Seminar

          Held at the Cambridge Veterinary School 23rd October 2005

Kindly sponsored by Schering-Plough Animal Health

The seminar took place in the vet school lecture theatre with everything needed to hand and up to date technology available. The Club held a similar Seminar approximately10 years ago and I am sure those who attended both will tell you that things have progressed with more up to date information being conveyed.
It was an excellent day all three speakers were superb. Mr Nick Bexfield gave us a talk on skin allergies, from diet, to the use of flea sprays, to the use of steroids. Dr Peter Jackson spoke about whelping and showed some excellent slides on the different ways puppies present them selves in the birth canal. We then stopped for lunch and a huge Plough-mans plus a Pudding was provided by Liz and Katie the fund raising executives of the Cambridge University School Veterinary Trust. There was ample food there as many of us found when we went back for second helpings. After lunch this quite studious looking guy came in. He was David Willams and started of by saying he was supposed to be an expert. His topic was DRY EYE (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca); he encouraged a captivated audience to take an active part. He had hoped to have a westie to do an eye test on but that had gone home the previous day so he brought in a greyhound and tested its eyes. He had us spell bound and we could have listened to him for hours. David Williams is hoping to do a survey amongst the Westie people so when I receive the literature I will pass it on and I hope everyone will take part. If anybody wants further information about this please contact Secretary John Griffin. All the Speakers were willing to answer any questions put to them by those people present, and full advantage was taken of that with some very constructive questions being asked
The event was held to raise funds for the new Linear Accelerator and nearly £500-00 was raised for the Hospital towards this cause £ 100.00 of this was donated by the sponsors *. A small raffle making £65.00 was held to help boost the funds.

Thank you to all who attended. IT WAS A REALLY GREAT DAY.


Seminar co-ordinator

* Schering-Plough the makers of OPTIMMUNE used in the treatment of Dry Eye.





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