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Open Show
22nd October 2011

Judge: Mr. Mike Roach (Daphayr)



Best Veteran


Best Dog and Best in Show Fox's - Hillsted Same Again

Reserve Best Dog Budge’s - Rozamie Icicle

Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best In Show Davison’s - Braxquin Beginning A Dream

Reserve Best Bitch Sweetzer’s - Bellevue Wild At Heart RBB

Best Puppy In Show Kabel & Bouwhuis' - Llovall A King of Hearts

Best Veteran In Show Thomson’s - Ashgate Scots Sagacity

Class 1  Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (0)

Class 2  Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Class 3  Puppy Dog (1)
No 1  Kabel & Bouwhuis', Llovall A King Of Hearts dob 30.11.10 Br Exh, Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr  x Krisma  Roll The Dice for Llovall

Class 4 Junior Dog (2)
No 1 Fox’s, Hillsted Same Again dob 13.10.10 Br Exh Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr x Hillsted Sweet  Breeze

No 2 Jones’, Duskhunter Special Treat at Fernlair dob 10.06.10 Br Minett, Ch Duskhunter Dutch Courage x  Pryorvale O’Lala at Duskhunter

Class 5 Novice Dog (0)

Class 6 Post Graduate Dog (4)
No 1 Budge’s, Charmedautum Dazzle dob 22.11.08 Br Anthony Rozamie Dream On With Charmedautum x  Walkonair Showtime with Charmedautum

No 2 Stock’s, Lindenka Baxter dob 7.1.07 Br Purchon Ch Lindenka Brannigan JW x Lindenka Toffee Pudding.

No 3 Anthony’s, Rozamie Dream On With Charmedautum dob 4.3.07 Br Magri, Ch Dwilencia Dream Lover of  Rozamie JW x Newtonglen Pretty Woman at Rozamie

No 4 Pegg’s, Ambalasi Frisky Whisky dob 13.3.07 Br Sweetzer Ch/Ir/Int/Am Ch Ashgate Scots Progress JW x  Ambalasi Full of Charm

Class 7 Limit Dog (5 1abs)
No 1 Budge’s, Rozamie Icicle dob 28.2.06 Br Magri Rozamie Billy Baloo x Newtonglen Pretty Woman at  Rozamie

No 2 Thomson’s, Ashgate McKenzie dob 16.6.08 Br Exh Ch Bellevue Spirit Catcher x Ashgate Maybole

No 3 Davison’s, Antonia Apple Pie at Braxquin dob 28.6.05 Br Adams Rozamie Mad for Music x Pooh Bear

No 4 Bezuidenhout’s Lamanzie Crackerjack dob 22.10.07 Br Exh, Kimgarwyn Handyman x Jopeta Missy Mitzi

Class 8 Special Open Dog (0)

Class 9 Veteran Dog or Bitch (3)
No 1 Thomson’s, Ashgate Scots Sagacity dob 23.5.01 Br Exh Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe x Ch Kyntilly Wisdom  at Ashgate

No 2 Windram’s, Barnwin I’m Daisy May dob 2.7.02 Br Barnett & Windram Jeau Dorce by Juanne x Norjons  Delizimo of Barnwin

No 3 Mealing’s, Reifrandies Gansie Maid dob 12.8.02 Br Exh Reifrandies First Clansman x Zinos Lorna Doone

Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch (0)

Class 11 Puppy Bitch (2)
No 1 Fox’s, Comdale Miss January at Hillsted dob 1.1.11 Br Jennings, Ch Pepabby Prank x Comdale Talk The  Talk

No 3 Thomson’s, Hillcloud Athena at Ashgate dob 22.1.11 Br Ash, Ashgate Sheriff x Igloo Iced Maid at Hillcloud

Class 12 Junior Bitch (4 1abs)
No 1 Sweetzer’s, Bellevue Wild At Heart dob 3.6.10 Br Squires, The Dashing Devils Shotgun (Imp) x  Bellevue  Honey Bee

No 2 Chamber’s, Sprig O’White Heather Circinus dob 11.7.11 Exh Davies Ch/Sp Ch Alborada Centurion x  Charming White Heather

No 3 Cox’s, Lamsmore Sonata at Roscafin dob 20.8.10 Br Sizmore Ch Lamsmore Fitzwritin x Lynnsto Symphony at Lamsmore

Class 13 Novice Bitch (3 2abs)
No 1 Brockwell’s, Hillsted Sitara Shines for Jackinaspin dob 24.12.09 Br Fox Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr x Hillsted  Sweet Jazzmine

Class 14 Post Graduate Bitch (6 2abs)
No 1 Davison’s, Braxquin Beginning A Dream dob 4.3.10 Br Exh Lindenka Bennington  JW x Benstedmanna Miellefieule at Braxquin

No 2 Pegg’s, Bellevue Dream Spirit dob 14.03.09 Br Squires Multi Ch Bellevue Spirit Catcher x Bellevue Honey  Bee

No 3 Stock’s, Lindenka Apple Charlotte dob 15.9.08 Br Purchon Ch Havasu Pai x Lindenka Summer Pudding

No 4 Brockwell’s, Jackinaspin Pink Rosebud dob 4.3.08 Br Exh Jack Policy Piper Among Jackinaspin x Malady Money Spinner Among Jackinaspin

Class 15 Limit Bitch (1 1abs)

Class 16 Special Open Bitch (2 1abs)
No 1 Windram’s, Cassara Princess dob 29.10.04 Br Exh, Trethmore Tall Story x Barnwin I’m Daisy May

Class 17 Mary Gill Memorial Stakes (9 1abs)
No 1 Davidson's, Braxquin Beginning A Dream

No 2 Thomson's, Ashgate Mckenzie

No 3 Brockwell's, Hillsted Sitara Shines for Jackinaspin

No 4 Kabel & Bouwhuis', Llovall A King Of Hearts

No 5 Pegg's Ambalasi Frisky Whisky


President Daphne Lee  opening the show


Mr M Roach the judge and his steward Mr J Roche