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Open Show
April 9th 2004

Judge Mr E Percival (Underholt)

All Photo’s © Kirsten Fox


Best Dog and Best in Show Roses', - Jopeta Flash Harry

Reserve Best Dog Strivens', - Bellevue Foxtrot With Angilgate

Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best In Show Fox's, - Burlmere Sweet Serenade At Hillsted

Reserve Best Best Torbet's - Victory Princess At Newtonglen

Best Puppy in Show Jennings', - Comdale Action Man

Best Veteran Bird’s, - Birbrinda Bonnie Bright

Class 1 Special Beginners Dog or Bitch  (1)
1  Marti-Rossi’s, Scymignon Chateau Serrant dob 7.8.03 Br Exh Newtonglen Lord O’ The Isles x Scymignon Chateau De Clisson

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog  (2) 
1 Owen’s, Egremont Knight Errant dob 3.8.03 Br Exh Bellevue Trigger Happy x Bournehaven  Justina

No 2 Bartlett’s, Dwilencia Love Affair dob 25.9.03 Br Exh Ch Krisma Streetwise x Lasara Love Me Do

Class 3 Puppy Dog   (4 2abs)
1 Jennings', Comdale Action Man  dob 2.7.03 Br Exh Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Compac Classic   

No 2  Wilshaw’s, Domaroy Stands To Reason dob 4.6.03 Br Exh Ch Krisma Jammydodger x Domaroy Partytime

Class 4 Junior Dog  (3 2abs)  
1 Hammett’s, Hollowview Touch Of Class dob 23.10.02 Br Exh Bellevue Total Eclipse x Hollowview Seraphina

Class 5 Novice Dog   (2 1abs)
No 1
Hollowview Touch Of Class

Class 6 Post Graduate Dog  (8 3abs)
1 Striven’s, Bellevue Foxtrot With Angilgate dob 8.3.02 Br Squire Bellevue Trigger Happy x Bellevue Frill A Minute 

No 2 Bird’s,  Birbrinda Barneys Badge dob 12.6.98 Br Exh Herwish Heat O’ The Night x Birbrinda Hoya Merry Miss

No 3  Sweetzer’s, Ambalasi Fancy Free dob 2.7.02 Br Exh Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Benary Spells Ambition

No 4 Bryant’s, Juadsa Lord Of The Dance at Camame dob 1.2.99 Br Exh Juadsa Stage Hand x Juadsa Theme Tune

No 5 Marti-Rossi’s, Scymignon Chateau Le Lude dob 10.3.01 Br Exh Newtonglen Lord O’the Isles

Class 7 Limit Dog  (3 2abs)   
No 1
Summerton’s, Tidarigit Acer One dob 22.9.98 Br Exh Ch Haweswalton Apache x Tomlyndon Tomlyndon Pride Of Freian

Class 8 Open Dog  (4 2abs) 
1 Rose’s, Jopeta Flash Harry dob 14.3.00 Br Exh Hillsted Super Trouper x Jopeta Charismatic

No 2 Bishop’s, Palestrina Mr Valentine dob 14.2.00 Br Exh Ch Jillso Just For Me x Hopecharm Hello Dolly At Palestrina

Class 9 Veteran Dog Or Bitch  (3 2abs)
No 1
Bird’s, Birbrinda Bonnie Bright dob 8.3.96 Br Exh Herwish High Roller x Birbrinda Hoya Merry Miss

No 2 Clarke’s, Ashgate Leny dob 1.9.95 Br Thompson Ch Ashgate Leckie x Ashgate Skirza

Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch  (1)  
1 Marti-Rossi’s, Scymignon Chateau Serrant dob 7.8.03 bBr Exh Newtonglen Lord O’the Isles x Scymignon Chateau De Clisson

Class 11 Puppy Bitch (8 2abs)
1 Jennings', Comdale Shes The One dob 2.7.03 Br Exh Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Comdale Classic

No 2 Bird’s, Birbrinda Bridal Belle dob 26.5.03 Br Exh Birbrinda Barney’s Badge x Birbrinda Belle Of The Ball

No 3 Bird’s, Birbrinda Bossy Boots dob 8.6.03 Br Exh Birbrinda Barney’s Badge x Birbrinda Buffettiere

No 4  Rose’s, Treplevna Little Madam dob 21.4.03 Br Brighton Jopeta Flash Harry x Berrymede Lucky Girl 

No 5 Green’s, Debeaux I’m Coming Too dob 19.4.03 Br Willett Fin/Am/UK Ch Bethsean Pearl Diver For Domaroy

Class 12 Junior Bitch (12 4abs)  
1 Clarke’s, Lynnsto Soloist dob 22.1.03 Br Exh Ashgate Leny x Lynnsto Princess Aurora

No 2 Wilshaw’s Domaroy Time Will Tell dob 19.2.03 Br Exh Ch Beathsean Pearl Diver x Times Olympic Expectation At Domaroy

No 3  Bancroft’s, Rozamie Heartbeat At Maisieglow dob 13.3.03 Br Magri Ch Newtonglen Covernanter At Rozamie

No 4  Filmore’s, Karagem Lunar Skye dob 6.4.03 Br Exh Bellevue Total Eclipse x Karagem What A Cracker

No 5 Ramsey’s Drambrodie Gaelic Heart dob 7.12.02 Br Exh Ch Ashgate Bern Era x Strawberry Smile Of Drambrodie

Class 13 Novice Bitch  (5 2abs)
1   Domaroy Time Will Tell

No 2 Freeman’s, Karamynd Miss Pretty dob 6.2.03 Br Griffiths Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Hopecharm Full of Deelite at Karamynd

No 3 Pritchard’s, Elmeon Evie At Montefiore dob 9.12.02Br Willoughby Ch Lindenka Quigly x Lindenka Lana To Elmeon

Class 14 Post Graduate Bitch  (7 1abs)
No 1 Torbet’s, Victory Princess At Newtonglen dob 24.9.02 Br Chamberlain Newtonglen Lord O’ The Isles x Rozamie Roslind

No 2 Lee’s, Daphayr Truly Scrumptious dob 11.8.02 Br Exh Newtonglen Karamynd Kasanova x Daphayr Simply The Best 

No 3 Gillies’, Picklepeg Gaiety Girl dob 22.11.01 Br Brocklehurst Picklepeg In Charge At Holcanda x Picklepeg Pinafore   

No 4 Bryant’s, Camame Jade Woman dob 26.12.98 Br Exh Newtonglen Lord O’ The Isles x Juadsa Good Golly Miss Molly    

No 5 Summerton’s, Tomlyndon Tamarind dob 6.1.01 Br West Ch Lindenka Brannigan x Tomlyndon Pride Of Freian

Class 15 Limit Bitch  (12 8abs)
1 Foster’s, Havasu Hidden Treasure At Thozow dob 16.3.01 Br Crockett Ch/Ir Ch Glenveagh Mr Music Man x Havasu Honesty   

No 2 Jennings’, Comdale Classic dob 18.9.01 Br Exh Ch Ariostea Pilgrim To Ashgate x Comdale Grand Cassatta

No 3 Clarke’s, Roscafin Arrena Of Lynnsto JW dob 15.9.01 Br Cox Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Ashgate Lunna At Roscafin  

No 4 Harper’s Westigo Senza dob 12.4.98 Br Exh Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Fosseleigh Calpurnia At Westigo

Class 15 Open Bitch  (6 4abs)
No 1
Fox’s, Burlmere Sweet Serenade At Hillsted dob 25.9.98 Br Griffin Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe x Burlmere Bossanova

No 2 Gill’s, Cloonbeggane Misattitude dob 19.12.00 Br Owner Ch Jillso Just For Me x Sarmac Real Whizzbang

Class 16 Bred By Exhibitor Dog Or Bitch  (6 2abs)
No 1  Jopeta Flash Harry

No 2  Daphayr Tryly Scrumptious

No 3  Cloonbeggane Misattitude

No 4  Tidarigit Acer One

Class 17 Not Bred By Exhibitor  (8)
1  Picklepeg Gaiety Girl

No 2   Rozamie Heartbeat At Maisieglow

No 3 Treplevna Little Madam

No 4 Elmeon Evie At Montefiore

No 5  Tomlyndon Tamarind

Veteran Dog
Veteran Bitch
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Judge in Action


Unbeaten dog line up

Unbeaten dog line up