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April 1980  Mrs. B. Hammond Entry 133 Open

   Best in Show  Ch. Whitebriar Jimmick

   Best Opposite Sex Sarmac  Silver Sequin

   Best Puppy  Carillyon Carriad

October 1980 Mr. J. Claessens Entry 111 Limit

   Best in Show  Justrite Jenny

   Best Opposite Sex Haweswalton Houdini

   Best Puppy Justrite Jenny

April 1981  Mrs. S. Bremner Entry 152 Open

   Best in Show  Strathtay Viking at Domaroy

   Best Opposite Sex Domaroy Silver Fern

   Best Puppy  Haweswalton Man About Town

June 1981  Mrs. J. King  Entry 103 Limit

   Best in Show  Haweswalton Houdini

   Best Opposite Sex Justrite Jillian

   Best Puppy  Nozomi Big Chief at Sarmac

October 1981 Mr. P. Hyne Entry 112 Open

   Best in Show Famecheck Full ‘O Beans

   Best Opposite Sex Haweswalton Houdini

   Best Puppy Cedarfell Morning Star

April 1982  Mrs. T. Lees Entry 145 Open

   Best in Show  Sarmac Big Snob

   Best Opposite Sex WhitebriarJaunty

   Best Puppy Ballacoar Crystal

June 1982  Miss M. Stone Entry 113 Limit

   Best in Show  Lasara Lieutenant

   Best Opposite Sex Wistmill White Witch

   Best Puppy Justrite Jonquil

October 1982 Mrs. S. Hawes Entry 120 Open

   Best in Show  Caryllyon Chieftain

   Best Opposite Sex Wistmill White Witch

   Best Puppy  Justrite Jezebel

April 1983  Mrs. M. Duckett (D) Mr. J. Brownridge(B) Entry 120  Open

   Best in Show Backmuir Sweetbriar

   Best Opposite Sex Casstine Magregor at Kilbrannon

   Best Puppy Ashgate Rhum

June 1983  Mrs. S. Gourlay Entry 99 Limit

  Best in Show  Valida Sundae Snowball at Kilbrannon

   Best Opposite Sex Caryllion Clancy

   Best Puppy  Gilbri Pippins Pride

October 1983 Mrs. F. Becquet (D) Mr. R. Foulkes (B) Entry 127  Open

   Best in Show  Lasara Lookatim

   Best Opposite Sex Ch. Backmuir Sweetbriar

   Best Puppy  Tambrae Trojan

June 1984  Mrs. S. Hooper Entry 78 Limit

   Best in Show Gilbri Pippins Pride

   Best Opposite Sex Ballacoar Jinny is Justrite

  Best Puppy  Lasara Lachlan

October 1984 Mrs. D. Wilshaw Entry 106 Open

   Best in Show  Carillyon Clancy

   Best Opposite Sex Beebeemi Daisychain at Rithmic

   Best Puppy  Crinan Chevy Chase at Pendunos

June 1985  Miss E. Macallan Entry 88 Limit

   Best in Show  Ashgate Lochmaddy

   Best Opposite Sex Ashgate Achnasheen

   Best Puppy  Famecheck Smart Alec

October 1985 Miss J. Johnson Entry 102 Open

   Best in Show Carillyon Clancy

   Best Opposite Sex Ballacoar Jinny is Justrite

   Best Puppy Cameron at Kilbrannon

June 1986  Mr. E. Percival Entry 87 Limit

   Best in Show  Lasara Love All

   Best Opposite Sex Lasara L for Leather

   Best Puppy   Lasara L for Leather

October 1986 Mrs. G. Broom Entry 105 Open

   Best in Show  Cameron at Kilbrannon

   Best Opposite Sex Foreston Sweet Pea

   Best Puppy Herwish High Spot

June 1987  Mrs. P. Mitchell Entry 108 Limit

   Best in Show  Heatherwood Harrier

   Best Opposite Sex Ashgate Sallachy

   Best Puppy  Lasara Lord and Master

October 1987 Mrs. M. Shereston Entry 101 Open

   Best in Show  Lasara Lullaby

   Best Opposite Sex Herwish High Spot

   Best Puppy Famecheck Clever Stick

June 1988  Mrs. E. Kiey Entry 86 Limit

   Best in Show Newtonglen Mame

   Best Opposite Sex Rithmic Rembrandt

   Best Puppy  Domaroy Kyle O’ McCain

October 1988 Mrs. H. Dangerfield Entry 145  Open

   Best in Show  Domaroy Soraya

   Best Opposite Sex Corrielaw  at Newtonglen

   Best Puppy Ashgate Shuna

June  1989  Mr. A. Gordon Entry 59  Limit

   Best in Show Ashgate Torsa

   Best Opposite Sex Gilbri Love and Pride

   Best Puppy  Canaston First Lady of Cibach









October 1989 Mrs. M. Johnston Entry 113 Open

   Best in Show Ch. Hazlan Silver Knight  of Sarmac

   Best Opposite Sex Haweswalton Inca

   Best Puppy   Haweswalton Ryan

June 1990  Mrs. J. Helfer Entry 88 Limit

   Best in Show Heatherwood Hannibal

   Best Opposite Sex Haweswalton My Fair Lady

   Best Puppy  Gilbri Bossy Boots

October 1990 Mrs. C. Lingwood Entry 140 Open

   Best in Show  Lasara Lucy in the Sky

   Best Opposite Sex Domaroy Kings Rhapsody

   Best Puppy Trewen Starmaker

June 1991  Mr. J. Shelley Entry 96 Limit

   Best in Show  Cranella Macbride at Arnival

   Best Opposite Sex Haweswalton Tomahawk

   Best Puppy  Trewen Kyleckin at Cibach

October 1991 Mr. K. Bartlett Entry 146 Open

   Best in Show  Hillsted Special Effect

   Best Opposite Sex Thozow Bit of Mischief

   Best Puppy  Lasara Lovely Jubbly of Snowsprite

April 1992  Mr. S. Limb Entry 144 Open

   Best in Show  Trewen Discovery

   Best Opposite Sex Hillsted Special Effect

   Best Puppy  Quapaw Gosuite

June 1992  Mrs. J. Bowden Entry 117 Limit

   Best in Show   Hillsted Sweet Fantasy

   Best Opposite Sex Trewen Tartan Warrior

   Best Puppy  Trewen Tartan Warrior

April 1993  Mrs. I. Rose Entry 119 Open

   Best in Show  Trewen Mischief Maker at Gilbri

   Best Opposite Sex Benary Spectacle

   Best Puppy  Gibri Mohana

June 1993  Mrs. M. Wootten Entry 103 Open

   Best in Show  Trewen Hot Prospect

   Best Opposite Sex Thozow Bit of Mischief

   Best Puppy  Ashgate Scotch Bard

June 1994  Mrs. M. Wells Entry 92 Open

   Best in Show  Krisma Kamomille

   Best Opposite Sex Thozow Bit of Mischief

  Best Puppy  Haweswalton Apache

June 1995  Mr. H. Morgan Entry 115 Open

  Best in Show Haweswalton Apache

   Best Opposite Sex Lady Cleopatra at Kyntilly

   Best Puppy  Debeaux Too Too Much

April 1996  Miss T. Broom Entry 82 Open

   Best in Show  Newtonglen Dainty Girl

   Best Opposite Sex Wesscots One Knight Stand

   Best Puppy  Trewen Garrison

June 1996  Miss S. Jenkins Entry 103 Open

  Best in Show Gilbri Special Edition

   Best Opposite Sex Juadsa Rock N Roll Music

   Best Puppy  Gilbri Wayward Lad

April 1997  Mr. G. R. Milner Entry 86 Open

  Best in Show  Hillsted Screen Idol

   Best Opposite Sex Lasara Look Love

   Best Puppy Newtonglen Pure Magic

May 1997  Mr. J. Griffin Entry 85 Open

   Best in Show   Maedhlyn Cruachain

   Best Opposite Sex Lasara Look Love

   Best Puppy  Karamynd Hopeful Lad

April 1998  Mr. D. Wharmby Entry 95 Open

   Best in Show Ashgate Sonsie

   Best Opposite Sex Hillsted Screen Idol

   Best Puppy Yorsar Mactavish

June 1998  Mrs. P. Molony Entry 90 Open

  Best in Show Hillsted Screen Idol

  Best Opposite Sex Kingsview Tillymint

  Best Puppy Newtonglen Adeira

April 1999  Mrs. J. Coley Entry 94 Open

  Best in Show  Lasara Loyal Spirit

  Best Opposite Sex Hopecharm Hello Dolly at Palestina

  Best Puppy Kiniver Ever Ready for Karamynd

June 1999  Mrs. D. Lee Entry 106 Open

  Best in Show     Ashgate Sassy

  Best Opposite Sex Hillsted Screen Idol

  Best Puppy  Chryzara Morning Glory

April 2000  Mrs. J. Griffiths Entry 91Open

  Best in Show  Stadelmore Little Miss

  Best Opposite Sex Kergilliack Konnoissear by Ashgate

  Best puppy Newtonglen Skydove

June 2000  Mr. J. Roche Entry 79 Open

  Best in Show Burlmere Sweet serenade at Hillsted

  Best Opposite Sex Jopeta  Jared Macpherst

  Best Puppy Patnor Sparkling Gem

May 2001  Mrs. V. Smith Entry 80 Open

  Best in Show  Benary Special Consort

  Best Opposite Sex Snowsprite Saucy Maid at Snowskela

  Best Puppy

June 2001  Mr. K. Harris Entry 84 Open

  Best in Show  Gilbri New Edition

  Best Opposite Sex Chryzara Twilight Magic

  Best Puppy Patnor Star Warrior

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Compiled by John Griffin from records and information supplied by members